About the cancellation of the International Filter Photo Contest 2020

Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. (President: Toru Yamanaka) company, being the prospect of the end of the corona virus infection still unclear,and taking into account that there might not be the conditions for photographic activities as expected,decided to cancel the new edition of the International Filter Photo Contest planned for this 2020 year.
As this year's edition would have coincided with the 10th anniversary of the contest since its inauguration in 2009,by all means we planned an exciting edition but, as things never go as expected in such a situation,it was unavoidable for us to arrive at the final decision of cancelling the contest for the current year.
As for future editions, we will make an announcement in due time after careful consideration and depending on future conditions.
Thank you for your understanding and continuous support.


International Filter Photo Contest 2019 Results

We would like to thank you all for the tremendous response to the International Filter Photo Contest 2019 (held June 1 to October 31, 2019). We received 3,800 entries from 88 countries, and after careful consideration, have selected 35 entries for prizes and 10 for Photo Culture Club awards.

Grand Prize


Javier Arcenillas(Spain)

Filter: ND

Use the ND filter so that the exposure allowed me to better contrast the brightness and light in better detail and make a light effect

Jury’s comment

Although most entries using an ND filter depict the flow of waves and rivers, I was impressed to find this entry instead depicting a dreamlike world featuring a young girl and an old town. This method of using the filter was very stylish and unique. Not only does the entry display excellent photographic technique, but it also draws the viewer in to a mysterious story dreamed up by the unique vision of the creator.

Jury Special Prize Koji Itami(Japan)

White Angels

Tamas Imre(Hungary)

Filter:Graduated ND

The picture was taken in Camarque National Park, France. Above the galloping horses in the dawn light, a magnificent light pod was lit from the clouds. I needed the Cokin NUANCES GND8 to expose this highlight.

Jury’s comment

This entry dynamically depicts the life of wild horses. I applaud the natural use of graduated ND to subtly generate a dignified look like a painting. I was also impressed by the accurate timing used to capture the details in the expressions and poses of each horse.

Jury Special Prize Vieri Bottazzini (Italy)

Secret Garden

Steve Bae (Myungsik Bae, South Korea)

Filter: C-PL + Graduated ND

This has been taken in 28 Oct. 2019, Inje forest in S. Korea.I could take this photo with 95mm tele angle with Nikkor 70-200mm and Nikon D850.Also I could take this foggy mood photo with CPL filter, Soft GND 2stop.CPL let me able to take very details

Jury’s comment

An idyllic scene featuring a house hidden in the middle of the forest and shrouded by mist has been rendered extremely well by the photographer, for a very successful grand vista image. Through the use of different colour temperatures and a carefully organised colour palette, subtle and rich at the same time, the author recreates the feeling of sunrise, with the warmth of the sun gently warming and progressively waking up the world under it. An unusual choice of panoramic format, over 2:1 in width, helps conveying the feeling. Congratulations for a job.

Jury Special Prize Stan Moniz (USA)

Catch of the day

Pavlos Evangelidis(Belgium)


Traditional stilt fishermen try their luck at sunset in Koggala, Sri Lanka. I chose the ND filter to allow me longer exposure for that dreamy water texture. I couldn't go too long though, to prevent blurriness of the fishermen.

Jury's comment

This image exhibits a great blend of long exposure, balance and story. At a capture time of 10 seconds it's hard to belive that these fishermen could be still this long. This play on a longer exposure give a feel to the image as if the men are floating on water, casting out their lines in the hopes of bringing the next meal home to their awaiting families. A true sense of team work, concentration and pure hope  is what I feel from this long exposure capture. 

Jury Special Prize  Zhang Yongfu (China)

Dream City

Jay Huang(USA)

Filter : ND

I took this shot in Berkeley hills to shoot San Francisco Downtown in a long fog event. I used a ND filter to extend the exposure time.

Jury’s comment

This entry almost looks like a painting of a beautiful city. The creator used a unique method of expression to soften the hustle and bustle and complexity of the city, as well as the comings and goings of light and vehicles, to depict a beautiful, airy, and calm metropolis. The composition is sensible and the coordination of cool and warm colors makes for an excellent entry.

Excellent Works

  • Sky is falling downLegrand Florian
  • By the streamNGUYEN QUOC BUU
  • Northern GolgothaMishail
  • Blueman wai wong
  • Surrealistic flamingos at MontreuxBihr
  • Night by the river梁晓波
  • Fantasic NightNaoki Asano
  • Plughole Overflow SaplingKieran Metcalfe
  • Waterfall on the seaTran Van Hong
  • Storm city ladscapeOlaf Sawajner
  • little Monks to jion candle festivalTHAN AYE
  • The castle of Saint-ExupéryMartin Bordagaray
  • Over the sand dunesManh Ngoc Nguyen
  • Abandoned shipTodor Tilev
  • Autumn RainMitsuji Kanai
  • Rainy christmasKouhei Otsuka
  • Prayer lightKouichi Masunaga
  • TrainAkihiro Horide
  • To the land of lightKazuhiko Mori
  • Spring to moveKazutoshi Matsuo
  • Smile, Smile, SmileSUDIPTO DAS
  • Waterfall falling on Mt.MegamiSaori Yamakawa
  • Lok Baintan Floating MarketGerdie Hutomo
  • Steel woolShridarshan Shukla
  • Where Red Light meets Red LightCHOW, Wai Choi
  • In the plateau in summerMasanao Hayashi
  • FlutteringAkio Ota
  • DawnRyouta Fukuda
  • Dragon's spine illuminated by the galaxyShouhei Mineda

PCC Prize

  • Out of the mud and not stained with mudMasatoshi Nishiyama
  • Aqua line of light trailsKunio Takahashi
  • Golden sky and bit 61Akira Kondo
  • Morning when I met the cloud waterfallMasayuki Mafune
  • Stump artAtsushi Nabeta
  • Summer HolidayYasuyuki Fukuda
  • Miyakojima Nature Astronomical Observation Milky Way, Mars in HandMahito Onishi
  • Silence in atonalMasaaki Tokunaga
  • Fireworks in Lake AshiRyoji Araki
  • Cape where orange is dyedDaichi Iseki