International Filter Photo Contest 2017-2018

It’s our pleasure to announce that Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. will be holding the International Filter Photo Contest 2017-2018 in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of our company. The contest is open to entries of photographs taken using a filter with the aim of highlighting the creative possibilities that filters provide. As part of our 60th anniversary celebrations, the contests will be held twice this year, with one competition for the spring/summer season and the other for the autumn/winter season. This website has been launched to announce applications are now being accepted for the spring/summer competition. We look forward to receiving a great many entries that explore the unbounded possibilities that filters provide.

Application period

April 1 ~ September 30, 2017


Photos that make effective use of filters.

  • Filters may be from any manufacturer.
  • Filters such as protectors whose effects cannot be seen in the photograph are not permitted.
  • Photos that have been heavily edited using retouching software (color swap, etc.) cannot be accepted.

Application Qualification

The competition is open to anyone regardless of age, gender or nationality.

Entries are restricted to unreleased and unpublished original photos for which the copyright is entirely owned by the applicant. Photos that have won prizes or are being screened in other competitions are not eligible. (Photos that have been entered in another competition but have not been awarded a prize are eligible.) Photos that have been published in non-commercial publications such as club exhibitions for which the photography was not remunerated, or websites operated by individuals are eligible.

Application procedure

You can find the application form for the 2017-2018 Filter Photo Contest spring/summer session on this website. Please fill out the mandatory fields and send the image data using the application form.
  • Image data captured and processed with digital still cameras, and image data captured on a film camera and then scanned and processed using a computer.
  • Images can be either color or black and white, but must be captured using a filter.
  • Photos treated or processed using computer software cannot be accepted.
  • Image data must be JPEG format. Image files must be between 1MB to 10MB in size. Files larger than 10MB must be compressed.


  • Hiroshi Itami

    Koji Itami (Japan)

    and three other famous professional photographers from the USA, China and Europe.


*1*2 Please note that if a winner lives in a country other than Japan, the system or procedures unique to the winner’s home country may prevent overseas remittances.  In this case, Kenko Tokina Group products of the equivalent value to the prize money will be sent instead.
*3 Prizes to be determined by the organizer

Prize announcement and notification

Winners for the spring/summer season will be announced on the International Filter Photo Contest website (this website) in early December 2017.
  • Prize winners may be contacted directly from Kenko Tokina before official announcement of the results. In this case, prize winners will be required to respond with the required agreement within the specified period via the website mentioned in the notification email. Winners will be disqualified if they fail to provide such agreements. Additionally, Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. will contact the winners via email or other means if the company needs to confirm details about the photos.
  • Winners will be disqualified if they fail to reply within the designated period after receipt of the prize notification e-mail irrespective of the reason (such as server problems, etc.) If you need to change your e-mail address, please be sure to do so using this "inquiry form" on this website. The competition sponsor and partner companies cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any problems arising through the failure of e-mail transmissions.
Sponsor : Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd.
Partner companies : NPO PhotoCutureClub, Japan Photocontest Organization , COKIN France s.a.s.u.,
Formatt Hitec Ltd. Slik Corporation, Kenko Professional Imaging Co., Ltd.